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Estructus SA de CV


Art Direction

It is a 100% Mexican company integrated by a group of professionals in the field of construction, capable of building and maintenance of all types of industrial, commercial, housing and roads for public and private sector work, using highest quality in technical, human and material resources.

The company required a redesign of the brand from head to toe, from its visual identity, website and a new visual concept for communication, to transmit their philosophy and gain competitive advantage.

The solution of the visual identity was solved from the principles in construction, technical understanding and environmental practices. The figure's main symbol is the square because it is a very stable and permanent figure, associated with concepts such as stability, permanence, honesty, righteousness, cleanliness, care and balance.
Three squares were placed juxtaposed modifying the visual qualities with different orientation in their internal area, to convey this concept of evolution and flexibility. The color palette is blue to represent perseverance, authority and confidence.
The Helvetica font used is characterized by its neutrality, versatility and high readability. Lowercase letters were chosen, well-spaced and weighing trusted authority, efficiency and easy comprehension.The company name was segmented into 3 lines with diagonal cuts to link well with the theme of dimensionality, balance, angles and architectural forms, to add their own character.A simple but effective solution with functionality and a contemporary/modernist visual language was achieved.

Site planning and development combines information architecture and modern look, with simple navigation. Focusing on content with descriptive images to help make the information easy. It was structured to be accessible to users with different levels of experience on different mobile devices.

The visual identity applications extended to various self-promotion materials .