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Clínica Médica
de Belleza


Art Direction

Corporganic is a Beauty Medical Clinic, located in Mexico City, with therapists specialized in Health care and integral wellbeing. Its philosophy is to provide a holistic approach to health and wellness through a unique approach that combines properly health treatments and protocols in order to enhance the beauty from the inside out, find balance and harmony back into the body and face.

The client requested a comprehensive project of visual identity to represent the highest standards in the cosmetic and health therapies. It was also important to reflect the most fundamental aspects of the Spa, health and nature.

The first was to create a memorable and modern name, immediately reflect the tagline of the brand and positioning themself as a professional place for a section of people who are aware of the benefits in beauty care.

The font choice in the logo reflects the values of simplicity, uniqueness and quality. The aim, with the choice of colors, was to allow them to be attractive to both women and men and evoke feelings of calm and relaxation, communicating around the ethos of the clinic and its healing properties.

The symbol transmits the connection with nature. Its organic forms, enhance values through the graphic elegance, promoting differentiation and brand consistency. The basis of visual concept is therefore beauty itself.

The project has been extended to several graphics applications around the brand, such as posters, promotional, web design and marketing on social networks.