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Grupo Gasoleo


Art Direction

Is a company specializing in the service of sale and distribution of fuels, oils and greases for automotive use since 2007. It has 10 stations in Mexico City and State of Mexico.

The main goal of the brand at first instance is transmit their quality commitment, honesty and effectiveness in the service, integrating the best technology in safety and environmental preservation, further a modern, corporate and professional visual style to differentiate itself from its competitors, in their related field.

The visual concept of highly structured website transmits an honest, clean, and intelligent approach makes the user experience becomes an alternative, create preference and loyalty. Because of the wide variety of mobile site layout is responsive.
The corporate brand color is red, so it was combined with neutral color such as gray, to subtract strength and aggressiveness and instead gain modernity and dynamism.
The font used is a humanist sans serif with friendly, modern appearance and readability features in their letters.
The design of badges on each section of the website allow unify the services offered by the company with the same model of direct communication.

It was imperative to develop a coherent aesthetic for the brand through their digital media and collateral. Therefore a campaign was developed through a brochure in order to attract attention, generate interest and inform the customer about the new payment system and further promote the new website in an attractive way.