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Art Direction

KidsFun is a company dedicated to the service of animation in hotels, with trainned staff in the creation of animation programmes for different occasions and events.
The main objective of the brand identity has the aim of bringing parents and children into entertainment activities, under a friendly and fun environment.

The symbol-logo is a squirrel synthesis represented by the letter K, being a common animal in the wildlife in Slovakia, which generates friendly and fun emotions.
The main function of the system is to find ways to communicate on the level of adults and children. Direct communication for people of all sizes.

The font used is playful and optimistic, harmonizing with the logo, so it is associated direct and sympathetic way, achieving a balance between the child and youth sector. The color code is diverse and colorful, allowing identity is versatile, dynamic, festive and cheerful.

The branding was extended through promotional items, display materials and online experience.