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UK - Asia

Art Direction

It is a social real-time platform for professionals and non-professionals who want to invest in the finance's world, is customizable and allows users to manage their accounts, and the location of stocks and fund their operations quickly and simple.

The user experience is designed from custom and independent modules with skeumorphic styles showing information relevant to users. The modular design is easily adaptable to the needs responsive mobile devices. The application has a rich and compelling interface that allows users to check stock prices, watch videos, access to annual reports and more.
Users can also create a more personalized experience within the application by choosing their own modules in order of relevance or selecting the information that interests them.
The intuitive design not only helps to facilitate operations, but to provide their clients the necessary and accessible tools to succeed.

The project included the design of corporate identity, the visual concept is modern, minimalist and uses the yellow to call attention easily and in combination with the black gives a major contrasts in readability. The font used is Futura for its clean and clear appearance, it gives large doses of readability and objectivity.

Besides web design based on intuitive information architecture and avant-garde design, where the usability was the focus took place, so the design focus to help users quickly understand the full information about the possibilities of application.